Heros Plus - the only choice for your property

Heros Plus is a young, energetic and efficient team of property professionals focusing on property & rental management services as well as furnishing, renovation and construction services in Split and in the Central Dalmatia area.

Having seen that most local property management businesses tend to spread their services over large geographic areas and in doing so inevitably lower the standard of service that they offer their clients Heros Plus concentrates instead on providing boutique property services. These services are tailored specifically to clients’ individual needs and the strength of this business model comes from developing quality of service rather than size of client base.

Your Heros Plus – the only choice for your property.


Service provides the essential maintenance and upkeep necessary for the peace of mind of any responsible property owner.

Service which enables remote owners to run a hassle-free rental business in full knowledge that their property and their guests and finances will be handled in a professional and reliable manner.

Advertise the property locally and internationally using tried and tested methods.

HP offer to bring a wealth of reliable contacts, work experience and local know-how to renovation and construction projects ranging from the simplest to the most demanding.

HP offers advice and guidance when it comes to choosing and sourcing the furnishings for your property.

Whether you’re looking to outsource individual service contracts or consolidate all your facilities management needs under one provider, HEROS PLUS can take away the headache of managing a property and a business at the same time.

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