Rental Marketing

The best promotion for your property.

rental marketing HEROS PLUS

Rental marketing

Rental Marketing and Rental Management service for your property mean that your investment worth the most.

Would you like to advertise and rent the property in the best possible way?

HEROS PLUS have create a rental marketing service that allow renting real estate, booking care, and dealing with real estate and finance in a professional and reliable way.

Your money be most valuable to us, we have create a variety of pricing option depend on the size and type of property or package of service tailor to the specific need of the client.

Rental marketing services

Organize the advertising on leading holiday rental websites
Marketing your property through third party letting agents
Marketing your property using holiday websites

Marketing your property on HP group websites

Processing deposits and payments from guests

Set-up and Management of availability calendar

Provide guests with full directions to the property

Liaison directly with guests re time of arrival and departure