Rental managment

For those wishing to see their property work for them either purely as an investment or because they hate to see their property go by unused HEROS PLUS offers a service which enables remote owners to run a hassle-free rental business in full knowledge that their property and their guests and finances will be handled in a professional and reliable manner.

Rental management starts with the Rental set up services. Please see the full range of services below.

Rental management services

Managing Rental books

Processing deposits and rental payments

Setting up and Managing availability calendars

Providing guests with full directions to the property

Providing first point of contact for all guests requests and inquiries

Direct Liaison with guests re time of arrival and departure

Meeting and Greet

Registration of guests with tourist authorities

Changeovers – full property cleaning and changing of bed linen

Arrange any essential/ urgent maintenance works

Emergency call (24/7)

On departure inspect property and check the inventory for losses and damages


Rental set up

For remote owners wishing to set up their rental arrangements and meet all the legal requirements with minimum effort HP bring years of experience and efficiency to a process which can sometimes be slow and frustrating. Please see the full range of services on the right.

Rental set up services

Purchase of all household items & furniture required by local Rental licence & Categorization regulations

Obtain official rental licenses

Installing official touristic sign

Producing and posting legally required official price list inside the property

Arrange repairs/ replacements where necessary

Undertake pre-season spring clean and garden/ communal areas tidy-up

Prior to start of tourist season, perform appliance checks to ensure all are in good working order
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