Provide the essential maintenance and upkeep necessary for the peace of mind of any responsible property owner.

Property management HEROS Plus

Property managment

Property Management by HEROS PLUS aime primarily for the client who is living outside of Croatia.

The service includes financial management, legal and general affairs, and property maintenance activities.

Property Management cover all work relate to maintain the Property and all its part in a functional way to preserve the it and improve its functionality.

Your money be most valuable to us, for Property Management we have create a variety of pricing option depend on the size and type of property or package of service tailor to the specific need of the client.

Property management services

Key Holding

Emergency inspections in case of fire, flood, storm…

24 hour Emergency call service

Utility payments

Collection and forwarding of mail

Maintenance works and repairs

Airing property/ Watering plants

Monthly property inspection

Biannual Season cleanings

Landscaping and garden maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance

Quarterly reports with pictures of the property


Property management HEROS PLUS

Property set up

Property management always begin with the Property set up service.

This service be design for new owner who do not have the time to get involve in all the inevitable job and procedure when acquire a new property.

Through close liaison with client, HEROS PLUS offer to oversee all the necessary arrangement and work require for the property to be bring to a standard desire by its new owner.

Property set up services

Property check inside and outside and report with photographs of problem areas
Managing renovations/ decoration work as directed by client

Consultancy and purchase of furnishings & kitchens based upon client’s selection
Overseeing installations of kitchens and furniture

Purchase of household items

Creation of property’s user’s manual folder with appliance instructions

Application of names to utility accounts

Arranging of necessary insurances (building, content, liability)