5 ultimate things for a successful tourist season of 2021

Since the start of covid -19 pandemic, tourism has definitely received the biggest hits. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what all private renters need to do in order to have the most successful season possible.


Create clear and precise protocols related to guest safety (COVID -19) and communicate them clearly with guests. Guests must feel safe even before arrival if they want to book your facility and clear protocols will give them that security and confidence. Of course, it is necessary to adhere to all protocols. Pay special attention to cleaning and disinfection of the facility, provide guests with a 24/7 emergency call center, prepare protective equipment for guests, give your guests space and more than ever it is important to provide them with self check in. Make it normal for you not to meet guests at all during their stay, respect their privacy and do not impose unnecessary contacts for the safety of your guests.


More than ever, it’s important that your reviews are great and that guests know you’re a great host. Don’t be passive and wait for summer, work all year on your reviews, especially if you’re a beginner. Open your facilities for weekend guests. These are domestic guests, and the advantage is certainly holiday homes in nature. Take advantage of good sides of your rental property and host local guests for the weekend with promotional offers, thus ensuring yourself constant reviews and constant activity on web advertising platforms, which is crucial for your facility to be listed at the top of the search list. One of the good things is that you can offer your friends, acquaintances and relatives a weekend in your facility at reduced prices and in the end both, you and they, will benefit from it.


In situations like these, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to show flexibility towards your guests, but be very careful what kind of flexibility you offer. We think that, first of all, you need to think carefully about your cancellation policy and by no means allow free cancellations without restrictions. Please note that guests also follow the situation and know that they can book about 10 facilities for the same dates without any obligation to pay, because they can, for example, cancel 24 hours before arrival. Don’t offer such cancellation policies unless the season is already underway so you offer last minute bookings. Offer a free cancellation, but keep it up to 30 or 15 days before arrival. That way, you will still know in time whether your guests will arrive or cancel, and if they cancel, you have enough time for a new reservation.

As for the prices, be reasonable and adjust your prices to the market and demand. We do not advise a drastic reduction in prices, but corrections compared to 2019. are definitely needed. The supply of holiday homes and villas is increasing every day, but due to the pandemic, demand is falling, so it is necessary to make smaller price adjustments, especially in the pre and post season.


Due to the situation with the pandemic, it is logical to conclude that facilities with more additional facilities will have a great advantage over facilities that offer only a house and a swimming pool. The entertainment industry is on its knees, the question is what kind of situation and restrictions await us all in the 2021 season, so it is definitely advisable to create additional content for your guests. If you have places in your yard, put a children’s playground, make a basketball court, football court etc. If you are limited by space, consider a folding table for tennis, darts, playstation, badminton, buy bicycles for your guests or similar.


As well as additional facilities, hosts who can offer additional services this year will definitely be in advantage. Offer your guests additional cleaning services, going to the store and buying groceries, organize trips, transfers, fill your wine fridges and pantries with quality wines and local products. Be at their disposal for all information, provide fast Internet regardless of prices and other.

In case you do not have time to manage and rent your facilities, you can see the list of our services here, and for all questions you can contact us via the contact form.

We wish you a successful tourist season!