Digital nomads – guests extending the season

The emergence of the pandemic has definitely changed the way we work and introduced changes in the work habits and daily life of the majority of the working population. Thanks to technology, work can be done equally efficiently from any location, and this has been understood by both employers and employees. Just have a laptop, a mobile device and an internet connection.

Individuals have been taking advantage of the technology for years and work anywhere in the world instead of in the office. For years, the Remote Year program has been very popular, where you travel in an organized group and work from different locations, except that the trip is already organized and you don’t have to plan anything yourself. In fact, these are groups of digital nomads. Now, with the pandemic situtaion, there have been changes in the form of a larger number of individual trips of this type.

Who are the digital nomads?

Usually these are entrepreneurs who have their own companies or freelancers who work for multiple employers as needed. Due to the nature of the job, they are not tied to one place but can work from anywhere. The fact is that they can have their “office” anywhere in the world. They can work from the beach and from apartments, houses or other accommodation. They do not have fixed working hours, which can be challenging if you are not very disciplined and organized in doing your job. As a rule, their income is higher than average, so they can afford to travel and work remotely at the same time.

More and more countries are defining their status, so the Government of the Republic of Croatia has done the same. Digital nomads can apply for a temporary stay in the Republic of Croatia online and are allowed to stay for up to a year without the possibility of extending it. Upon approved request and arrival, they are granted a residence permit – a biometric document and upon arrival at the destination, they report their residence to the competent police station.

The Croatian National Tourist Board has created a special subpage for digital nomads – Croatia, your new office, which contains all the important information related to the registration and stay of digital nomads in Croatia. A promotional campaign of the same name was launched with the aim of positioning Croatia as an attractive and well-organized destination for digital nomads.

With their daily consumption, payment for the accommodation itself and often travel throughout the country during their stay, they additionally fill the state budget, which places them at the very top of the most desirable guests.

What does this mean for private renters?

Great opportunity for longer and off-season stays! Providing discounts for longer stays, ensuring a stable internet connection and working environment within the accommodation are a guarantee for greater occupancy. On certain sales channels, you can already choose the option to be open for reservations of digital nomads or to offer all the conditions for working in your accommodation. This definitely makes you stand out when searching for accommodation for this group of guests. These guests often travel and often return to the locations and accommodation they have already been to.

Your flexibility and adaptability to new trends will be important in order to fill your calendar more than the usual number you are used to. If you are not managing to do it all by yourself you can contact us anytime and we will be happy to help you and increase number of bookings!

Photo: Getty Images