How to be a great host in 5 steps

If there’s one thing we all appreciate most and remember several years is the feeling of being welcome in someone’s holiday home.

Making someone feel welcome at your villa doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. The aim is to add small touches that let your guests know you care. 

Go-to guide for welcoming a guest to your villa :


Always email and text your address, phone number and transportation information before your guest arrives. That way, they will be able to find their way to your villa without getting lost. Welcome gift with local products and personal check in can make a personal connection and give special touch to everything. Even leaving a note to welcome guests can work to create a much more personal experience. Info provided followed by smooth check in makes great path to great guest experience and best review possible.


Your villa should be absolutely clean for guests, every time. This means all rooms should be spotless and there should be no signs of previous guests. It can be a good practice to have a checklist of things that need to be done during each cleaning to make sure nothing gets neglected.


Mean it when you say “make yourself at home.” This is within reason, of course, and basic house rules must be followed. Just have in mind that we are not all the same! They will enjoy your villa and its features in their own way which might not always be like you do it.


Acting as a personal concierge for your guests is a valuable service. You may offer to recommend restaurants or point them to attractions and activities in the area. Nice touch is to stock the property with books or guides on the area. Help them live like a local. Always be on disposal for any of their questions to make their stay more enjoyable.


What distinguishes a great host is going beyond basic needs. Gift your guests with local specialities in a welcome package. Is your villa in wine country? Make sure you supply good-quality wine glasses. If you own a garden offer them some freshly picked fruits or vegetables. Offering thick, fluffy towels in the bathroom adds a little touch of luxury. Have a gourmet kitchen? Make sure the knives are sharp and that pots and pans are of high quality.


You will always get what you put in. Always strive for giving best you can for each and every reservation so everything results with happy guests and good reviews. That affects positively on more reservations and higher incomes in the future!